What Video Card Is Equivalent To The PlayStation 4?

The SONY PlayStation 4, or commonly known as the PS 4, is a video gaming console that was developed by Sony and follows a series of PlayStation consoles. It is used for playing games as well as for social media interaction as well. Its previous version was the PlayStation 3 and this is the newer and the upgraded version.

The graphics card or the video card that is equivalent to the PlayStation 4 which can be used to recreate on the PC can be the Radeon RX 480 to give the similar effects of the PlayStation 4 on a PC since it has a similar teraflop count as the PlayStation 4 and only uses 4GB memory. Others have also used modified HD 7870 video card in order to build a version of the PlayStation equivalent. If you can afford the slightly more expensive GTX 760, that would ideally be a Playstation 4 GPU equivalent. I wrote about it as my first post on JimiIsHappy.com.

Nowadays people are moving from consoles to playing on their personal computers. Thus, developing their own console equivalent on the PCs makes it easy for the gamers to build their own gaming system on their PC. This is more powerful, faster, and more efficient than the consoles.

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