GTX 760 Review

As my opener for my personal blog, I thought I would do a review of a new video card I just picked up. The GTX 760 isn’t new at all, but I bought it from somebody else and having previously never owned a single video card in my life, it makes me happy. Thus, this post about it. I look forward to improving my reviewing  skills, picking up different pieces of computer equipment, and also figuring out this whole site. Thank you everyone for checking me out!

Generally speaking, you all know that the graphics card is helpful to play the graphics video games effectively. Most of the people choose the wrong product while going to buy the graphics card in the open market.

Of course, it is very hard to shortlist the top best graphics card in the tons of the products. So, are you looking the best video card? Do you want to enjoy playing the graphics video games? If so, then buy the most wonderful as well as the affordable rate of the GTX 760 graphics card. Now, we have to talk about the reviews of the perfect graphics card of the GTX 760.

  • Trouble free connection:

When it comes to the size of this graphics card is mid-range so it is easy to install. In addition, with the help of this GTX 760, you can enjoy playing the video games effectively with high-quality video. Moreover, this GTX 760 holds with 2 DVI such as HDMI and output display port. So, this 2 DVI allows you to connect it to your monitor without facing any troubles.

  • It supports the high graphics quality:

Yes, this GTX 760 graphics card allows you to play the many graphics games. But, before going to play the games check whether the video games have the resolution of 1,920*1,080 or not. Moreover, it allows you to reduce the graphics quality if you want.

  • Cooling system:

To speed up the performance, this GTX 760 contains the triple-fan. This fan helps to cool the entire system gently without facing any issues. Moreover, this graphics card is great in performance when comparing than the other. Definitely, if you are using this GTX 760 video card, then you can play varieties of the graphics games.

  • Excellent gaming experience:

Actually, when comparing to the other versions of the video card, it is made using the advanced software as well as the hardware innovations. So, while you playing with the help of it, you will get the fabulous gaming experience. In addition, it allows you to enjoy all the features of this video card completely without getting any issues.

  • Price and the warranty:

Certainly, while going to purchase the graphics card, you should pay the attention to the price of it. Similarly, when it comes to the cost of this graphics card comes at a reasonable price in the market so definitely, you can buy it within your budget.

Here’s a benchmark for one of the best games of last generation. Image source goes to Tech Blog.Tech

Furthermore, it comes with the 1 year of the warranty. It ensures the long life of the graphics card. To enjoy the crystal clear quality, this video card delivers the 4 video outputs such as DVI-I, HDMI, mini-DP, and DVI-D. On the other hand, it requires the 2 6-pin of the PCI-E power connectors.

With the help of this 2*6 pin, you can easily power through it. Moreover, its performance is 3 times faster than the other graphics card. So, you will not only get the speed but also you will get the crystal clear quality of the video games to play.


All things to consider, this graphics card is available only in the authorized dealers. So, buy it and enjoy the HD video quality with it. Make sure you compare hardware between other hardware as well. More on that PC buying technique here.