Processing Power Of Xbox One

I did a Playstation 4 post here. It was only fair to do one for the Xbox One, which I own one of as well.

Xbox One is part of the Xbox home video games console that is developed by Microsoft. It was developed after the Xbox 360 and was marketed as the all in one entertainment system. It competes against Sony PlayStation and is used for playing video games as well as for using it for social media purposes or even for recording and sharing videos from game play.

The Xbox is quite a powerful device and hardware having a 8GB RAM DDR3 and a 64 bit processor along with 8 core CPU. Xbox One has guaranteed memory which is higher than 5GB and Microsoft’s multilayered operating system has a solid 3 GB memory. It also has a better and a quicker load time as well as having a 6 Teraflop GPU which enables a 4k environment and allows the characters to be more realistic and show better details. This definitely shows how great i the processing power of Xbox One truly is, and what a fast and an efficient machine it is.

When it comes to power, the Xbox One is known to have at least 40% more power than any other console and it is no surprise that it was titled by Sony as “the most powerful console”. This says it all about the powerful and the efficiency of this gaming console! It provides the truest and the best experience in 4K gaming and all games seem to have a better quality when played on the Xbox One.

I outlined both consoles, but there is another video that I find considerably useful if you’re still figuring out which one to get. Here’s an excellent comparison between the two processors in each machine.

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