I’m Jimi Gonzalez, author of this website. I’m pretty much just going to blog about anything that makes me happy. This includes the following:

  • Anything technology related. I love tech and have been following the industry for almost a decade now.
  • Gaming-related stuff. You’ll find this intertwines with the technology thing I talked about above.
  • PC hardware. Same thing pretty much, but this is as specific as I’ll go.

I am pretty much a PC technology geek. I’ll talk about video games I play, the technical sides of things, etc. so if that interests you, go ahead and give my blog a bookmark or a follow on WP. It would be much appreciated! 🙂 Also, feedback of any kind is also encouraged.

Also, please kindly excuse my English. I am not native, so there will be some errors in writing. I’m as well new to blogging, but I anticipate I will get better as the years go on (yes, I plan on doing this for years as it is very enjoyable to me). Thank you so much.