Processing Power Of Xbox One

I did a Playstation 4 post here. It was only fair to do one for the Xbox One, which I own one of as well.

Xbox One is part of the Xbox home video games console that is developed by Microsoft. It was developed after the Xbox 360 and was marketed as the all in one entertainment system. It competes against Sony PlayStation and is used for playing video games as well as for using it for social media purposes or even for recording and sharing videos from game play.

The Xbox is quite a powerful device and hardware having a 8GB RAM DDR3 and a 64 bit processor along with 8 core CPU. Xbox One has guaranteed memory which is higher than 5GB and Microsoft’s multilayered operating system has a solid 3 GB memory. It also has a better and a quicker load time as well as having a 6 Teraflop GPU which enables a 4k environment and allows the characters to be more realistic and show better details. This definitely shows how great i the processing power of Xbox One truly is, and what a fast and an efficient machine it is.

When it comes to power, the Xbox One is known to have at least 40% more power than any other console and it is no surprise that it was titled by Sony as “the most powerful console”. This says it all about the powerful and the efficiency of this gaming console! It provides the truest and the best experience in 4K gaming and all games seem to have a better quality when played on the Xbox One.

I outlined both consoles, but there is another video that I find considerably useful if you’re still figuring out which one to get. Here’s an excellent comparison between the two processors in each machine.

Processing Power of PlayStation 4

The Sony PlayStation 4, or simply called the PS4, is an eighth generation home video game consoles that is developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. This console is the latest and newest addition to the PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. Note that I used this hardware spec list from to compare between the Xbox One and PS4.

It competes in the market against the Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft’s Xbox One. This gaming console has a more complex cell micro-architecture which was not there in the previous model and this device also features an AMD Accelerated Processing Unit – APU that is built on the architecture of x86-64 which peaks at 1.84 teraflops. According to AMU, this is the most powerful APU they have ever developed till now.

Moreover, the PlayStation 4 has a single chip custom processor and the main processor is the CPU :x86-64 AMD “Jaguar”, 8 cores. For the GPU it has 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD Radeon™ based graphics engine. The memory further makes it stronger by having around GDDR5 8GB and a storage size of 500GB, 1TB.

This PlayStation 4’s new features are more focused on social interaction and integration with other devices as well. In this device you can play the games off the consoles as well and stream the game play online. The controller of this console has also been upgraded since PlayStation 3 with better design and improved buttons and the analog stick with an integrated touchpad as well. This console also supports the playback of 4k media as well as HDR10 high-dynamic-range color.

This makes the PlayStation 4 features truly one of a kind and the processing power of PlayStation 4 extremely fast, efficient, and reliable. The game play on this console is fantastic with game resolutions ranging from 1080p to 1440p on an HD television. It is further equipped with features which make 4K gaming possible on this device as well, creating a truly enjoyable experience for the gamers.



Best Ryzen CPU

In the digitized world that we live in, computers have taken over our lives. Whether it be using a laptop or a PC, we are exposed to the technology one way or another. One of the things that ensure the quality of your computer is the CPU. I’ve talked about looking for tech reviews in this post, but I decided to write this post as part of my own comparison. Note that I have only used the Ryzen 5 1600X in this list, but I feel confident in my ability to assess the other processors’ performances to give my input.

AMD is known for producing quality processors, and the recent additions to its range have been able to uphold this legacy. Customers have also raved about AMD CPUs; when you test different processors that AMD has released, it is not hard to understand why. The best AMD CPU for you will depend on your preference. However, here are a few worthy options.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600

This processor will prove to be the best AMD CPU for gamers who wish to minimize their investment yet reap various benefits. Ryzen is equipped with six cores and twelve threads. Moreover, it offers you the chance to take advantage of 16 MB of cache at an affordable rate. This feature is unheard of in CPUs and makes this product an excellent addition to your life.

AMD Ryzen 5 1600X

This processor claims to be the fastest six-core processor. Let us just say that it lives up to its promise. The speed of the CPU is commendable, which makes 1600X a little better than 1600. Whether it be content creation, streaming games or encoding video, this CPU will make all of it look like a piece of cake. Those of you who value speed will find this processor to be excellent.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300 X

Those of you who value budget above all will find this product to be the best in the market. It includes four cores and comes with a commendable bundled cooling system. The fact that such features are offered at a lower price than other competing products makes this CPU a likely choice of many. This is the cheapest of all the Ryzen processors, so if you love the Ryzen architecture but are on a low budget, the Ryzen 3 is a pretty great budget CPU. Obviously, performance will lag behind the other 3 processors on this list, but it is by far the cheapest and easiest to pair with a budget computer.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700

Performance-wise, no other CPU within the AMD family can beat the Ryzen 7 1700. The product is accompanied by eight cores and sixteen threads which play an integral role in ensuring the performance of the processor.

Moreover, it has a core speed of 3.7 GHz which is fast enough for you to perform an array of tasks without undergoing any lags. Since the multiplier of the product is unlocked, it means that users are provided with the chance to customize the settings as they deem fit which acts as an added benefit.


If you are to pick on the basis of performance, the AMD Ryzen 7 1700 will emerge to the clear winner. However, since different users value different features, it is hard to make a universal claim. Which AMD CPU you find to be the best will depend entirely on your need which may range from surfing to gaming.

Make sure that you pick your CPU after ensuring that it is the best product for your use. Peruse the features as well as the reviews of other customers. Choose wisely.

Tips on building your computer & saving money

It is no doubt that smart phones and tablets have become extremely advanced and a user may check their e-mail, do basic gaming, browse the internet, make video calls, send text messages, as well as write lengthy documents; the list is endless.

This however, still does not make traditional PCs obsolete as one may still get more out of a PC when it comes to functionality. A personal computer is the most comfortable thing for a lot of people; nothing truly beats the feel of a mouse and a keyboard, a combination that makes typing quicker and navigating seamless. The user experience is also a lot better for many people, if not all. For gaming enthusiasts, however, to experience playing on maximum settings requires a PC and to do that, they would need to build on their own.

When it comes to basic browsing the web or word processing on a regular computer available at the local computer shop is alright for basic requirements. Even a laptop would do just fine. When it comes to hardcore gaming and high setting requirement, nothing beats building your own PC where you can have complete customization to meet all the video game requirements.

Tips On Building Your Own PC

Building your own PC can be tough but just as fun. You can choose your own parts, components and everything that goes inside. It is however, not everyone’s piece of cake and requires the knowhow and the skills of computers.

  • Flexible design of cases. The retail personal computers have desktop cases that are too short, have a more sculpted line and have built in features like memory cards as well as HDMI ports but such casing have little room to fit in upgraded video or graphics card if it is required. The best idea if you get stuck with one of these is to skip the 10 inch long GPUs and to go for a proper Antec, cooler master and other well known vendors.
  • Have strong power supply. Usually PCs that are already built cannot even power a regular video card sometimes and so even if there is wattage already, an extra six pin of PCIe connector would be a great idea. Even a low end card is a great option but since even the 23 inches of the LCD monitors have become quite affordable, there is a possibility to play your favorite games in high resolution now. You can easily get a high power supply and an ideal video card.
  • Motherboard choice. It is often not easily understood what motherboard is inside a regular retail PC before the user buys it.
  • Quality parts of the computer. It is always advisable to choose the PC parts yourself to know what goes inside since there is no way of figuring out what is actually inside the retail computers and often even the retailer support team does not know either.
  • It is best to install the Windows platform yourself from an OEM disc and this way you can be sure of a fast as well as clean install every time you need to upgrade. Sometimes the files for the OS install are preloaded on a different hard drive partition and if the hard drive malfunctions then the whole system suffers and this means refreshing the whole machine and re-installing the whole system.
  • Upgrading as and when you want. If you have bought a PC from a vendor and you have added something by yourself on the system such as an extra RAM or a new video card from an entirely different source rather than the vendor and so the vendor might refuse to honor the existing warranty on that basis if any part of the computer or any component breaks. If you buy a retail PC and then you decide to modify it, you can have a lot of disputes with the support staff at the vendors. If you have built your own PC you can add whatever you like such as video card or additional RAM as and when you need it.

Tips On Saving Money On PC Hardware

Buying a retail PC from a vendor is generally more expensive, especially if you are looking for better models and newer or faster components. Companies generally make money on added things like more storage or memory or upgraded graphic cards, etc. When you decide to build your own PC there can be a lot of cost savings and you can make a great powerful machine than those high priced models.

  • Plan it. The most important part of building your own PC with cost savings in mind is to plan each and every purchase and component before purchasing them. For example once you have selected your required processor you can start with a motherboard that is compatible with the processor and once you have selected which one you want, you can then go for a memory storage that will work with it. There are various reviews and tips on the internet from computer enthusiasts that can help through this selection by comparing prices.
  • Keep on researching. There quite often promotions, upgrades and upcoming products and versions which you can stay updated on through the manufacturers websites or even through dedicated technology websites. For example, if a particular manufacturer is going to come up with a faster model this year, it only makes sense that the previous model is going to be selling for cheaper now. It is the best to profit from the knowledge and wait till you get a good bargain.
  • Newer isn’t always better. Just because there is a newer and a more expensive version out there doesn’t mean it is necessarily better. A top of the line video card might be an ideal choice for you but if you can get a same performance in two models lower, why not? It will help you save costs.
  • Choose where to buy from. You do not necessarily have to buy all your components from one place. You can wait around and see where you can get the best deal, it may be online or maybe from a different sale.
  • Buy Open Box parts. If you keep a look out, you may find some stores which sell open box parts. These are open box parts that have been opened but not have been used and are obviously cheaper in cost. Some might consider buying them a bit risky, the best is to make sure you can return it if it is broken.
  • Buying used parts. If you are really short of cash, then you can also buy used computer parts online. This is the cheapest, yet riskiest of all method. Buying used parts online means there is probably no option of returning them and neither have you seen them so it can be quite risky since there is no warranty either.

Lastly, tips for saving money should also include what you should do. You should definitely:

  • You should buy from shops that are focused on hardware parts or specific hardware websites

    You don’t need all the fancy lights to make your system work. Invest in the important components first, then spend your money on design!
  • You should buy from a person who has some positive feedback or reviews
  • You should look for parts that may still have the warranty from the manufacturer.
  • You should be patient, building a computer from scratch and trying to save money means you need to wait around for the best deals
  • Always go for reliable sellers


Building a computer is not always easy and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a lot of hard work and most importantly, it requires patience. You need to be a computer enthusiast to actually want to make you own PC and be really involved in the nitty gritty details that go on with it. It is the ideal choice for gamers and for all those who are into the profession where their work is really computer intensive. Gamers require a large amount of storage capabilities as well as high definition quality and pixels along with high resolution. They also require high speed and fast processing machines and the best deal they can get is building their own PC, where they can hand pick they choice of components. It is also the cheap option.

It should however be remembered that building your own PC might be fun but it may also be risky as when you are buying your computer parts and components from a variety of places and putting them together yourself. You should know that there is going to be no warranty you can simply go and claim or a person waiting to fix your PC for you. There will also be no customer support or a helpline that you can simply call and get your issues fixed. Keeping these in mind, there will always be the warranty that comes with the components that you buy. If you are comfortable with this and know your job well, then there is nothing like building your own PC!

Look for hardware comparisons!

Hey ya’ll, Jimi back here. I’ve recently started reading more and more into tech reviews online just because it’s the holiday season and I wanted to know more about some of the stuff I wanted to build my PC with. Usually, I find interest in a specific desktop component and then I look up reviews to see if it’s worth buying at a certain price. That is how the usual flow of things go. However, I recently noticed more websites are putting up actual comparison articles for two different pieces. This comparison article on the GTX 970 vs 1060 graphics cards is a prime example of what I am talking about, if you’re at all interested in it. The website pits the two cards against each other to see who performs better. This is useful in a number of ways, which I’ll go over below.

Comparing past generations with the new generations

I own both a Gigabyte GTX 970 and an MSI GTX 970, both with 4 GB of memory. The MSI wins hands down, but they are both still very solid cards.

The first thing I realized in that article is that it was comparing two complete different generation cards. This is good for a number of reasons. The GTX 970 was easily the best graphics card of last generation‘s set of GTX cards. It provided the best value for your money and while it was not as powerful as the GTX 980, it was significantly cheaper and more common to buy. On top of that, it consumed less power so middle-ranged PC builders were able to use it. The GTX 1060, on the other hand, is a budget-oriented video card that NVIDIA released for this generation. You should know that the “60” in that name pretty much means it is more budget-friendly. The 1070 is a little more expensive, and the 1080 is the premium solution. This also stands for the last generations of cards. For example, the GTX 960 would be this generation’s “equivalent” of the GTX 1060, since it was last generation’s budget card. The GTX 760 was the budget card by NVIDIA prior to that one. And so on and so forth.

So what’s interesting about the website’s comparison is that, between the two generations, the cards are not even of the same “class”, so to speak. The proper comparison would have been the GTX 970 vs the GTX 1070, but that isn’t the case here. Instead, we compare last generation’s most popular video card option to this generation’s budget option.

And guess what, I kind of like it this way. It gives us a perspective of how much hardware has upgraded over the years. By comparing last generation’s powerhouse graphics card to this generation’s budget card, we can see if technology has gotten better and cheaper over the years. I won’t spoil the results since I like to promote websites with highly interesting and thorough articles, so read it if it interests you!

Hardware comparisons in general

Even just the idea of comparing hardware is awesome. Most tech websites merely analyze just one tech component. While they are still incredibly useful, consumers likely aren’t just looking at one or two components. It is useful to compare and contrast between different parts. In this case, the author was able to thoroughly analyze not just one piece but two very comparable cards. To add, he even makes up his own conclusion in terms of overall money value vs. overall power between the cards. It is just a great idea that I hope to see more of in the future.

Of course, websites are not going to be able to write hardware comparisons for every single part out there. There are just too much out there to compare them all with each other. Additionally, hardware manufacturers are consistently coming up with new versions of their graphics cards, processors, RAM, etc. that it would be impossible to document real analyses of their tech while also comparing them.

Whenever you spot articles like this, read them. I wholeheartedly support tech sites that go over and beyond to criticize PC hardware for consumers such as myself. It has made shopping significantly easier for myself since I know which part provides me more value.

rFactor Overview

Generally, the rFactor is one of the famous computer games in the game environment. It is otherwise called as the computer racing simulator. This rFactor is first released in the year of the November 2005 and also it was created by the Image Space Incorporated. Moreover, it has the ability to work on the platform of the Microsoft windows.

Actually, this rFactor game does not like the other computer games which mean it allows the user to setup easily whatever they want. Not only that but also it holds with many benefits. So, keep reading this article to know about the rFactor overview in detail.

What is rFactor?  

Yes, this rFactor computer games provides the 2 game modes which mean you can play this game as a single player or multiplayer whatever you want. Not only that but also it allows you to chat with the other players all over the world.

Actually, one of the most important benefits you will get for the playing of this game is the multi directional viewpoints. Some of the viewpoints called as the cockpit view and swingman view. The cockpit viewpoint act as the driver’s eye and with the help of the swingman viewpoint, you can easily see the above and behind of your vehicle.

Normally, most of the games will allow you to play using the joystick or keyboard. But, in this game, you can use both of the keyboard as well as the joystick controls to play it effectively.

Moreover, you don’t want to worry if you are not a professional racer why because everyone can play and successfully complete the task of it.

How to download the rFactor?

Most of the people think that the rFactor game is the paying game. But, it is not like that which means you can download this game as free for your PC. Not only that but also it is easy to install on the computer.

When it comes to the file size of this rFactor requires 905.5 MB. Moreover, you can play this game using the platform of the windows XP, 7, 8, and Vista. Furthermore, it supports only in the languages of the English so you can easily understand the terms and controls effortlessly.

The most fantastic thing about this rFactor game provides the excellent sound effects to you. So, it will motivate you to enjoy the playing of the game. Even, it does not only deliver the extraordinary sound effects but also it offers the stunning graphics to you. Definitely, while you playing this game you will enjoy the ride from it.

Once you complete the racing game, you can able to see your scores on the scoreboard. In addition, if you wish to enjoy the graphics of this game, then you can install the graphics card and enjoy the crystal clear of the video quality.

Moreover, this rFactor is easy and fast to download. However, before going to install it in your computer check whether you download the full version of the rFactor or not.

In the final analysis, spend your valuable time to play this racing game. Definitely, you will love to play it using your PC.









GTX 760 Review

As my opener for my personal blog, I thought I would do a review of a new video card I just picked up. The GTX 760 isn’t new at all, but I bought it from somebody else and having previously never owned a single video card in my life, it makes me happy. Thus, this post about it. I look forward to improving my reviewing  skills, picking up different pieces of computer equipment, and also figuring out this whole site. Thank you everyone for checking me out!

Generally speaking, you all know that the graphics card is helpful to play the graphics video games effectively. Most of the people choose the wrong product while going to buy the graphics card in the open market.

Of course, it is very hard to shortlist the top best graphics card in the tons of the products. So, are you looking the best video card? Do you want to enjoy playing the graphics video games? If so, then buy the most wonderful as well as the affordable rate of the GTX 760 graphics card. Now, we have to talk about the reviews of the perfect graphics card of the GTX 760.

  • Trouble free connection:

When it comes to the size of this graphics card is mid-range so it is easy to install. In addition, with the help of this GTX 760, you can enjoy playing the video games effectively with high-quality video. Moreover, this GTX 760 holds with 2 DVI such as HDMI and output display port. So, this 2 DVI allows you to connect it to your monitor without facing any troubles.

  • It supports the high graphics quality:

Yes, this GTX 760 graphics card allows you to play the many graphics games. But, before going to play the games check whether the video games have the resolution of 1,920*1,080 or not. Moreover, it allows you to reduce the graphics quality if you want.

  • Cooling system:

To speed up the performance, this GTX 760 contains the triple-fan. This fan helps to cool the entire system gently without facing any issues. Moreover, this graphics card is great in performance when comparing than the other. Definitely, if you are using this GTX 760 video card, then you can play varieties of the graphics games.

  • Excellent gaming experience:

Actually, when comparing to the other versions of the video card, it is made using the advanced software as well as the hardware innovations. So, while you playing with the help of it, you will get the fabulous gaming experience. In addition, it allows you to enjoy all the features of this video card completely without getting any issues.

  • Price and the warranty:

Certainly, while going to purchase the graphics card, you should pay the attention to the price of it. Similarly, when it comes to the cost of this graphics card comes at a reasonable price in the market so definitely, you can buy it within your budget.

Here’s a benchmark for one of the best games of last generation. Image source goes to Tech Blog.Tech

Furthermore, it comes with the 1 year of the warranty. It ensures the long life of the graphics card. To enjoy the crystal clear quality, this video card delivers the 4 video outputs such as DVI-I, HDMI, mini-DP, and DVI-D. On the other hand, it requires the 2 6-pin of the PCI-E power connectors.

With the help of this 2*6 pin, you can easily power through it. Moreover, its performance is 3 times faster than the other graphics card. So, you will not only get the speed but also you will get the crystal clear quality of the video games to play.


All things to consider, this graphics card is available only in the authorized dealers. So, buy it and enjoy the HD video quality with it. Make sure you compare hardware between other hardware as well. More on that PC buying technique here.